twitter: @corncobceo

Roadmap and Vision:

If you made it this far, thank you. Maison Maize is something born out of years of joking around amongst friends about — corn. 

We wanted to bring some levity to the world and so here it is, building an entire corn based universe for us and others to play in. 

We aim to produce a lineup of high quality garments all with 100% original Maison Maize corn designs. We are world building and want to take inspiration from our favourite things and make it corny. 

Web3 and the metaverse is captivating, and we believe is the future of world building, happening in real time. Our vision is to outfit you in the real world, and also your avatar, across the metaverse. We want to plant corn as far as the eye can see. Our digital rendering of the small batch t is just a teaser for how we will implement it into online spaces. There is no limit to the amount of corn clothing, art, designs, characters, and whatever else we think of to be brought into our cornverse. 

This is v1 of a hilarious and one of a kind world that has been cornjuring up in our minds for years. Now we bring it to life. Your support, love, kindness, criticism, feedback and whatever else is welcome. 

- corn cob ceo