Artists We Work With


Emily is the first artist to plant some corny art into the blockchain with us and is the designer of the Disco Crypto Cob

Emily re-invented herself as a 3D designer and artist, working in the (corn) fields of digital fashion illustration, 3D design, and art direction. Her goal is to make stunning visuals that push the expectations of what digital art can achieve.  

No doubt that Emily achieved this with the 1 of 10 3D Disco Cob which is a must carry in any Cob Mobsters digital wallet. 




This is a Maison Maize original. The designer is like the banksy of corn art and would rather remain unknown


Site: ?????

IG: ?????

Want to help us turn some ideas into corn art for either the NFT space or our street wear line? 

Reach out to to collab or recommend someone.

We aim to celebrate local artists and bring some humour to the world.